Genre: Comedy Director: Lisandro Duque Naranjo (“The Invisible Children”) Cast: Germán Jaramillo (“Huérfanos”, “Paraíso Travel”), Guillermo Garcia (“The House of the End of Time”), Carlota Llano (“Of Love and Other Demons”) Runtime: 90’ Country: Colombia Year: 2015 Writer: Lisandro Duque Naranjo Producers: Anais Domínguez (“In the Name of the Girl”), Concepcion Taboada (“Fist Fighter”, “Salvador”) Language: Spanish with English subtitles Budget: $1.7m Official Website:



In a small community life is placid till Aimer commits suicide. The new pastor refuses to give Catholic burial to those who commit suicide so Aimer’s family defies his authority by burying Aimer in the churchyard. Furious, the pastor refuses to administer the sacrament to anybody until Aimer’s body is moved away. As a result, babies are not baptized, weddings are being delayed and the new dead don’t receive the last rites.