Genre: Mockumentary/Comedy Director/s: Ray Ellingsen (“The Rainmakers”, “Periphery”) Cast: Quentin Tarantino (“Kill Bill”) (confirmed), James Franco (“Spiderman”) & Matt Damon (“Syriana”) (to be confirmed) Runtime: 90’ Country/s: United States Year: 2015 Producer/s: Ray Ellingsen, Shari Hamrick (“Tomorrow is Today”), Jean-Luc Martin (“The Rainmakers”), George Zakk (“The Chronicles of Riddick”) Language/s: English Budget: $3.2m IMDB: Official Website:

Mad Mex is a Mockumentary about the most famous martial artist that never was.


While fictitious, the film will utilize actual historical events and interviews with real life celebrities and personalities and interweave them with the tale of Juan Tyrone Garcia, who despite a lack of talent managed to become a huge star, then mysteriously disappeared at the peak of his career.