Genre: Action/Thriller Runtime: 90' Country/s: Australia Year: 2016 Writer/s: Jeremy Rigby Producer/s: Carlos Alperin, Roham Ghodsi Language/s: English, Japanese, Korean Budget: $5m

Will Soo-Jin’s reevaluation of her entire life avert a war between Korea and Japan?


Soo-Jin’s mission is to obtain back door computer codes from a Japanese computer programmer to provoke an unprovoked Japanese missile attack against North Korea that will force the South into war alongside the North and will reunify Korea. Watched by Yuji, a CIA agent, Jin slips into Japan.


The plan works until Jin realizes she was abducted from Japan as a child by the man she believed was her father who was also the one who killed her Mother! Jin takes an unpredictable decision that could change the course of war.