Genre: Thriller Director/s: Tez Frost ("Conspiracy 365") Cast: Vincent Amorosi ("Knowing"), Liran Shachar ("The Scavengers") Runtime: 80' Country/s: Australia Year: 2008 Writer/s: Tez Frost Producer/s: Tom Burns Language/s: English IMDB: Festivals: Winner Bronze Palm Award, 2010 Mexico Int'l Festival
Winner Jury Prize, 2009 Las Vegas International Film Festival
Winner Best Film, 2009 Honolulu International Festival
Released: Australia

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Jeff Szeto, an office worker, takes money to illegally cancel large power bills for factories. Financial investigator Kaiser uncovers his lucrative scheme and in exchange for not charging him, Kaiser forces him to investigate his corrupt manager, Hugo Keswick.


Jeff enters the dark world of drug scams to subvert Hugo and his partner-in-crime Detective Andrew Healy. He uncovers a mysterious Pink Teddy which he disregards until an out-of-control drug lord demands its immediate return. Jeff sends it back only to discover it has gone to the wrong person. Running against time, he retrieves the toy in the most vicious way, leaving a trail of mayhem and murder behind him.