Director/s: Jim Groom Cast: Brian Murphy ("Last of the Summer Wine"), John Cater ("The Abominable Dr. Phibes"), Paul Herzberg ("My Week with Marilyn") Runtime: 89' Country/s: United Kingdom Year: 2005 Language/s: English Budget: US$2m IMDB: Official Website: Released: United Kingdom, Australia

In a cheap hotel await two men: in room 36, Mr. Armstrong is waiting for a prostitute. In room 38, Mr. Connor, a professional hit man, awaits the arrival of Ms. Woods, a traitorous politician delivering classified information. Unbeknownst to Woods, her defection has been discovered: Connor’s objective is to retrieve the microfilm – and kill her. Opposite Connor’s room, an arguing couple’s fight results in Connor’s door number being damaged – it now also reads 36.


The prostitute arrives, inadvertently entering Connor’s room; he presumes her to be Woods. When she becomes too friendly, the mistake is exposed – Connor shoots her and bundles the body under the bed. Woods arrives, but before Connor can obtain the microfilm Woods sees the prostitute’s body. Managing to flee, she seeks refuge in Armstrong’s room who mistakes her for the prostitute. Armstrong forces himself upon her – resulting in his violent death. With Woods’ discovery that she lost the microfilm and Connor’s determination to find and kill her, a deadly battle of wits ensues.

Film Review
“A hard-bitten yet Recognizably British noir room 36 has a premise that Hitchcock would have been proud of” Peter Fraser - Close-Up Film “Has a nice, rough-and-ready British b-movie look and there’s something irresistible about the cheek of the whole thing” Sheila Johnston Daily Telegraph “A well driven homage in the period of macabre intrigue... a cinematic experience” Jorge C. Pereira - C7nema