Director/s: Ellen-Astri Lundby Runtime: 50’ Country/s: Norway Language/s: Norwegian, Sami Subtitles: English Festivals: Winner Honorary Mention, 2009 Tromsø International Film Festival Winner The Corvoš Award, 2009 Sami Film Festival, Guovdageaidnu Format: HD, DV

When Ellen-Astri Lundby finds out that her mother has been hiding her indigenous Sámi heritage from her, she sets out on a journey to northern Norway to find out why. When in 1944 the Nazis troops torched northern Norway, her mother was evacuated southwards together with 70.000 other people and never went back to the Arctic. She settled in the suburb of Oslo and left the Sámi heritage behind. But her new life in the city came with a price tag.


When the revitalization of the Sámi culture started in the 80’s, it was too late for Ellen’s mother to gain acceptance for a background she had repressed for so long. Her energy was spent on forgetting – breaking ties with people, stories and landscapes of her past. In the film Ellen tries to undo this – to change her own lifeline and that of her mother.