Genre: Psychological Thriller Director/s: Jai Hogg Cast: Peter Marshall (“The Horseman”), Sam Young (“In a State”) Runtime: 83' Country/s: Australia Year: 2015 Producer/s: Jarrad Brown, Benjamin Evans, Jai Hogg, Jacob Livermore Language/s: English Budget: $1.5m IMDB: Official Website: Festivals: Official Selection Melbourne Int’l Film Festival

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Luke awakes in the boot of a moving car driven by a killer who follows his boss’ instructions: in 3 days kill him! Disarmed and injured, Luke must face the killer when he opens the boot.


Luke awakens in the boot of a car with vague memories of the night before. The Driver’s instructions are: travel to the location and in 3 days, kill the man in the boot. But why is Luke in his car and who supplied the orders? Imprisoned with only a slither of light, Luke desperately attempts to gain control by attacking the Driver’s conscious. Death seems inescapable until they arrive at their destination and the boot is opened, but is either man actually prepared to face the reality of their situation?