Genre: Psychological Thriller Director/s: Michael Morris (“Fearhouse”, “The Dark Forest”) Cast: Justin Little (“Fatal Fetish”, “Ghostline”), Tessa Sugay (“True Vengeance”, “Last Seen at Angkor”), Aleece Jones (“Then Again”) Runtime: 71' Country/s: United States Year: 2012 Writer/s: Michael Morris Language/s: English Budget: $1m IMDB: Released: United States

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After a woman survives a bizarre attack at an abandoned well, her mental state deteriorates as she tries to prove to others what really happened.


In the innermost reaches of darkness, Alena finds that there is something…or someone lurking in a well. A creature with a ghoulish mask confronts her in a way she seems to recognize. The creature takes his mask off and reveals himself to be a priest. Alena abruptly wakes up in her own bed, recovering from a nightmare. But the nightmare isn’t over.