Genre: Drama Director/s: Ed Aldridge Cast: Jack Baxter, Christian Willis (“Checkpoint”, “Contract Killers”), Mary Regan (“A Country Practice”) Runtime: 96' Country/s: Australia Year: 2007 Writer/s: Ed Aldridge Language/s: English Budget: $1m IMDB: Released: Australia, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom

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Cute teen Midget Hollow wanders through life riding big waves and partying with surfer boys.


When Midget’s best friend’s gay brother Cass arrives on the scene, the two quickly dive head first into a clandestine sea of sexual awakening. As his lusty romance with the dark-eyed Adonis is soon discovered, Midget has to navigate between his friends’ reaction and his newfound love all while growing up during a hot summer of fun in the sun!