Genre: Black Comedy Director/s: Alex Schlenker Cast: Nataly Valencia (, Wolframio Sinué (Proof of Life) Runtime: 88' Country/s: Ecuador Year: 2014 Language/s: Spanish Budget: $1m IMDB: Subtitles: English Festivals: Official Selection Oaxaca Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, Festival de Cine de Bogotá 2012
Winner WBK Berlín Development prize 2012
Winner CN Cine Development & Production 2012
Released: Ecuador, China

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On the same day that Bernardo robs his own bank to buy the Third Reich’s currency, Hitler’s regime falls and its currency becomes worthless.


Bernardo, a clerk in a small bank, lives under the shadow of his mother and the illusion of conquering Pepita’s heart. His uneventful life changes when Kurt Mainzel, a Nazi sympathizer, convinces him to him to rob his own bank in order to buy Reichsmark, the Third Reich’s currency. On the same day that Bernardo robs his own bank, Hitler’s regime falls and its currency becomes worthless. This leads to Bernardo to become a successful, but fraudulent banker.