Genre: Romantic Comedy Director/s: Colm O’Morchu (“Dealing with Destiny”) Cast: Lara Cox (“The Marine 2”, “The Dinner Party”), Martin Dingle Wall (“Cops LAC”, “The Nothing Men”), Jeff Gannon (“Suing the Devil”, Absolute Deception”) Runtime: 90' Country/s: Australia Year: 2009 Writer/s: Colm O’Morchu Budget: $1m IMDB: Official Website: Released: Australia, New Zealand, Poland

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Can men’s horror of modern dating be overcome?


Patricia Bartlett is a ruthless award winning journalist. Pitted against overwhelming odds, Hollywood makeover Guru Brad Holloway is blackmailed by her via the threat of crippling publicity. Patricia gives Brad a “mission impossible” makeover. He must make Rodger, a socially challenged, clinically frigid, computer nerd and desperate single male, irresistible to women.