Director: Vick Wright (“White Trash Noir”) Cast: Timothy Murphy (“The Lone Ranger”, “Appaloosa”), Ronnie Blevins (“The Dark Night Rises”, “Joe”), Danielle Vasinova (“White Trash Noir”) Runtime: 107' Country: United States Year: 2013 Language: English Budget: $1.6m IMDB: Festivals: Winner Best Horror Film at the Action on Film Int’l Film Festival 2013 Released: United States

Sometimes In the music business, getting what you want can cost you EVERYTHING!


Billy Quantreaux is a washed up rock singer whose life revolves around rehearsing with his band of burnouts, and scoring drugs to feed his ever increasing cocaine habit.

Like most guys in their late 30s who still dream of “making it big” in the music business, he knows he has reached his expiration date.

After being fired by his band for losing his voice one too many times he seeks the advice of Dr. Nick Devyril who promises to return his voice to its prime, in return for everything he will ever own.